Héctor Cordobés from Pervasive Wireless Systems receives Honorable Mention at Data Science Awards Spain 2016

Héctor Cordobés de la Calle, a research engineer at IMDEA Networks Institute, has received an Honorable Mention at the Data Science Awards Spain 2016 in the category of Best Data Scientist in Data Engineering. He is one of over 300 data scientists to have participated in the first Big Data awards ever to be given in Spain.

The challenge Cordobés participated in required conducting a full implementation of a recommendation system for films during a month. The system had to include data collection and development as well as the theoretical justification of a mathematical model to recommend movies. It was also requested of contestants to implement the recommendation engine and the development of an actual execution environment, including a friendly front-end, with real time operational requirements and scalability.

Second from left.

Awardees during the ceremony celebrated on Monday, October 24th. Héctor Cordobés is the second standing on the left.