Welcome to the Pervasive Wireless Systems Group. The group is led by Dr. Domenico Giustiniano and it investigates pervasive and seamless communications using innovative wireless systems. The approach of the group is to build and deploy solid systems that support the theoretical and simulation studies. The current main areas of research are:

what's new

Jan 04,2017

The recent publication entitled "Passive Communication with Ambien Light" has been a runner-up to the Best Paper Award at ACM CoNEXT 2016,... +

Dec 21,2016

Héctor Cordobés de la Calle, a research engineer at IMDEA Networks Institute, has received an... +

Jun 27,2016

Accurate indoor localization has the potential to transform the way people navigate indoors in a similar way that GPS transformed the way people... +

May 17,2016

OpenVLC is an open-source, software-defined, flexible, low-cost Visible Light Communication platform. The OpenVLC project is led by Prof.... +